Healthy Hairstyles | Hair Care Routine Healthy Hairstyles | Hair Care Routine

Bài viết Healthy Hairstyles | Hair Care Routine

Healthy Hairstyles | Hair Care Routine

Healthy Hairstyles | Hair Care Routine

Wednesday, January 18
A post about my own hair routine, I always try to keep my hair healthy and shiny. There are no magic tricks in my routine, just basic steps that help keep my hair in good condition.

Hair  Care – Cleaning:

1. I wash my hair every 3 days. Not everyone can leave with so much time, but if you can, do it! Washing your hair too much will remove hair from your natural oils. In between the days I get dry shampoo. I am currently using dry shampoo Oscar Blandi.

2. I change my shampoo and conditioner often, but I always use professional products. Some of my favorites are Sleek Look by Matrix and Hydrate by Phrenology.

3. Two or three times a week I wear a hair mask on my hair before I leave the shower. Two of my favorites are the Pureology moisturizing mask and S Factor Serious Conditioner.

"Healthy, Fine Hairstyles,Hair Care Routine"

Hair care - Stylization

1. Before I dry, apply a root pump such as Big Sexy Hair Root Pump, and a style lotion, leave in conditioner or serum as Unite Laser Straight, Unite Seven Seconds or Moroccan Oil. I apply this mainly to the ends to avoid the weight of the roots.

2. I try to avoid putting heat in my hair as much as possible. I rarely iron my hair two days in a row, and only dry myself every 3 days. I have a lot of natural texture. The more you can avoid putting heat on it, especially at the ends, the better.

3. A big part of keeping my hair healthy is using nice styling tools. Cheap flat dryers and irons can get too hot and actually be harmful to your hair. The best tools help prevent damage. I use the GHD Classic Style Flat Iron and the Salon Tech 2800 Feather Light Hair Dryer. I love that blow dye. 

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