Best Hairstyles For A Long Face Best Hairstyles For  A Long Face

Bài viết Best Hairstyles For A Long Face

Best Hairstyles For  A Long Face

Best Hairstyles For A Long Face

Sunday, January 29

If you, like me, have got a long face shape there are hairdos that look great and hairdos that look bad on you. Here are a few rules when thinking of a hairdo for a long face shape.

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1. If you have straight hair, you are able to produce more width with bangs. Bangs make your face seem shorter as they cover up an especially large forehead. You are able to wear anything from blunt bangs to longer, side-swept bangs.

2. Chin-length bobs and cuts are likewise ideal for you as they produce the deception of width.

3. Long, straight hair is commonly a no-no on a long face shape as it drags the face down. All the same, you are able to break this "no long  hair" rule if you have waves or curls. Much body adds width to the sides of the face.

4. Think the uber-trendy long bob, which is really flattering on a long face. The length is important, and soft waves help. Ask your hairdresser for an "A-line Long Bob" where the back is approximately 1 1/2 inches shorter than the front.

5. If you love short hair, keep away from short layers that increase
volume on top.

You don't want to let your hair grow too long if you have a long face shape. How come? It makes your long face appear super long. Think about a shoulder-length hairdo, like the one actress Asia Argent wears.

If you wish to have longer hair, cut it in long layers. The shortest layer ought to hit at your chin. Short hair like a bob looks gorgeous on a long face. The bob ought to
end at the jaw, chin or cheekbones to flaunt bone structure. The best bobs are shorter in the back and angle downward to the front. What I like about bobs are how modern and fresh they are.

Bangs work beautifully on a long face. There are examples of great bangs and bad bangs. Some bangs are too puffy and curled under. Some bangs are super cool and modernistic.