Bangladshi Scandal Model Prova Biography Bangladshi Scandal Model Prova Biography

Bài viết Bangladshi Scandal Model Prova Biography

Bangladshi Scandal Model Prova Biography

Bangladshi Scandal Model Prova Biography

Wednesday, November 6
Prova Bangladeshi full name is Sadia Jahan Prova. She is only twenty four years old girl model in Bangladesh. She Was started her modeling career from 2006. She is acting not much drama But her drama more popular selection. Bd Prova model and modeling career started acting from Higher Secondary school examination. MOST She With Her busy time study. Prova says she can not give That more time for modeling.



She has no education academic qualification for acting and modeling. So her acting and modeling firstly not was so good quality. However Suddenly I am very Serious About acting and modeling. When I am acting and modeling Serious my life is FULLY change. Now I am very hard worker for modeling. Recently she is performing a lot of drama. Moreover people accept Prova's all performing drama. Most of the popular drama TV WAS Programmed special Eid day. Prova nowdays is very popular sexy model in Bangladesh. She is performing lot of drama. Prova model as well as Bangladeshi popular superstat.


Prova Is Most Well Known model in.Bangladesh. Her acting career is as well famous work as she has lot of big TV drama serial and short one episode TV drama. Prova Bangladeshi model is beautiful young Bangladeshi celebrity in half zone. Her significant TV drama WAS Dhup Chaaya, Lucky Thirteen, Eit Khacha Khater, Version Z, SMS, Jato Dhura Jai, Khunsuti, Honeymoon, etc. Rumali Naam. Bangla model Prova says When I get primary offer for drama form I can not justify principal acting role acting and story. Really I want to be a Serious actress from my heart. Some time I fell very unhappy when i can not work for modeling Because of my study. After completing my study I Shall be very Serious about my acting and modeling profession.


People can not believe video Bd model Prova affair. Many people say is the creator of Rajib this video clip and this video clip I Publishes in Internet for revenge. One minute and 27 second s and 40 seconds watching two video clips Many People Both Bangladesh and abroad. Some people say if marriage with Prova Rajib Rajib so bad can not publish this video. Some parents say this is About video clip video clip very bad for young generation and we must-About Our children alert. Many news papers publish news about Prova Rajib video clip.