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BD Model Nowshin Biography

BD Model Nowshin Biography

Thursday, May 23

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Five years ago  Bangladeshi model Nowshin RJ WAS FM radio. Her family friend Bd Director Gives Opportunity to model Nowshin acting TV drama. Then she starts acting Nowshin That Was first TV drama ..

She is very expert in presenter. Her outstanding TV drama is Doopchyaa, The family, Provati soboj songoo, is equal to, etc.. she has a child. Nowshin 4th birthday is august. Recently she is agreement With A movie director. Nowshin Say That she is not interest in film But if the film story is good she can Perform movie. Her father says if she agrees with cinema movies That Must Be so good story ..

Is very alert Nowshin About her work. In future she can open a radio station. She is studying LLB. Also she is studying in BBA too. She starts RJ radius in the year of 2007. She always smile time. Nowshin can not cook well. Her first priority is RJ and presenter. Modeling is her hobby. Her family and her child are Very Important for her life. Recently Bangladeshi actress is acting Hello Amit Nowshin movie. Her dress is always time smart look.