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Bài viết Oral sex Advice Trick

Oral sex Advice Trick

Oral sex Advice Trick

Friday, March 15

One of the biggest complaints I hear about of oral sex is how uncomfortable it is for women likeum givers. Having to put us inan arm or kneeling on the floor is all right for a few minutes ... butcramps and numbness can easily distract from finishing the job.

 As if mostof  time you knowthat,  I'm in the midstof a gender gap, but that does not mean I'm not thinking about that.

The next time you are connecting, try this new position. Lie back on a pillow supported by what is almost sitting. Have your guystraddling his waist, put his hand on one of her hips,
and guide you in and outof his mouth.  

Thus a hand is still free to wrap around your penis andadd to the bliss.It also helps to prevent him fromletting go and moving too much on their own, which can be very uncomfortable for the girl. the best, even to Stay