women beauty fitness tips women beauty fitness tips

Bài viết women beauty fitness tips

women beauty fitness tips

women beauty fitness tips

Saturday, August 11
Reading and listening daily to thousands of beauty tips. There are hundreds of food throughout our surroundings. But really, these are hand-count of some useful tools and tips. Here's some easy and effective tips:

1. Enough water to drink:

I think it is no secret here? Eight glasses of water, food, and harnessing the law is not required. I need to get the water, so that I thirst not. The skin is the body as well.


  2. Sunskincrem important advantage:

The sun's ultraviolet rays cause skin cancer and skin ages as well as read the press has been proved. The proper skin care routine sunskin use. At least 15 minutes before going outside of the body at the sunskin good, well into the body can be.

 3. skin body lotion :

Daily can use body massharajar lotion . It is also good for your body, skin, and skin tension will pull the late age of print.

 4. Hands and neck care:

Hands, neck and facial skin as your skin care. If the difference between the face and neck skin is not it better known. Regular cleaning and by lotion it. Neck and hand and foot lotion suitable use. The face and neck, hands and feet, the skin will not be any visible difference.

5. Exercise:

For  Increasing  oxygen flow to the skin by increasing the body's blood circulation exercise. The light and heavy exercise can yatota day.


 6. Balance eat the amount of:

Sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables a day. Vitamin 'A', 'C' and 'E' has more force on the day. Vitamin Anti esakala skin - the skin as it keeps oxygen.

 7. Always keep to mind simile:

Say I'm in your mind. Select your preferred tasks that keep your mind happy. If I put my mind to it, but its effect will be on your skin.

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